Atypik : The Recruitment Solution, 100% by Direct Approach and 100% in a Success Fee Basis, of Highly Sought-After IT Talents.

Atypik allows you to find the finest Talents to strengthen your in-house teams, but also access to the most recognized consultants’ skills, to meet your expertise needs on a consultancy contract basis.

If most recruitments are made by association of experience gained with this required, Atypik proposes an approach where personality, inclinations and natural aptitudes make equal play with skills.

Looking for sparkling collaborators, who will radiate in your structure ? You are in the right place !

Your Recruitment deserves to be Atypik

Before looking like a job listing, our candidates look like your company.

We seek, by direct approach, recognized professionals, of highly-sought-after skilled professions, such as the most talented SAP S/4HANA Technical-Functional Project Manager, Full Stack Developer, Omnichannel or Cybersecurity Expert, possessing “the little special thing” that makes all the difference.

We maintain a relationship of trust and loyalty both with our customers and candidates, where transparency and truth, even raw, are the first guarantors of mutual respect and construction.

Each client as well as each candidate is followed by only one referring consultant who will, in all circumstances, offer them full commitment, benevolence and proactive advice.

A Very Differentiating Positioning and Efficiency on the Market

Our experience in the management of Computer Services Group and Publishers, allows us to have a tailor-made approach :

  • with relevance in our technical-functional adequacy,
  • and a real sensitivity to human qualities, to introduce you to the candidate who will be able to integrate into your teams by bringing as much as he/she receives.

We do not practice one shot. We are investing in the construction of your teams, by understanding, as our interventions progress :

  • the composition of your IS & your roadmap, to know how to talk about it (almost) as well as you do to our candidates, so that they can project themselves,
  • the composition of your teams, in terms of their strengths, as well as their additional needs, to seek out their future colleagues who will be able to add skills with high added value for the group.

We do not present a short list but the candidate who really meets your needs and who is likely to realize his/her full potential in your teams.

We systematically explain our refusals, because we do Human Resources.

If our candidates flourish with our clients, our missions have been fulfilled.

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