Cost Reduction and Financing

Despite all the quality of your project, financing will always be the force of the war!

Our experts assist you in the implementation of 3 essential levers.

1 – Optimizing your costs

Because it is difficult, on the one hand, to master the technicality of all the products and services that we buy, and, on the other hand, that the good relations with your partners gradually weaken the vigilance on the cost / performance ratio, we help you to:

  • Reduce your costs while maintaining the same or higher quality level: Logistics, TelCo, IT (outsourcing, licenses, equipment: purchase and leasing, services), Materials (purchases, leasing ….), Recurring services ( marketing expenses: flyers …., cleaning, maintenance, …), group insurance (Mutuals, pension, retirement), local taxes (where errors can affect the amounts to be paid);
  • Rationalize your contracts : Detect hidden costs, unnecessary or overpaid services / dissociate services and renegotiate them with different operators offering better financial profitability, …

2- Grants, fundraising and secured loans

The feasibility and relevance of your project, the quality and consistency of your team and its ambitions, are key elements of your success, on which many players are ready to invest!

We support you in structuring and financing your development plan:

  • Strategy consulting to optimize your development plan ;
  • Obtaining grants that can finance up to 50% of your project ;
  • Fundraising with business angels, industrial partners or institutions ;
  • Obtaining loans guaranteed by large organizations.

3- Cash advance and export insurance accessions, to lead your internationalization strategy

Developing abroad is an adventure as challenging as it is expensive and … risky.

Choosing the right markets, ensuring that their expectations are met, and forecasting the appropriate means to implement your brand serenely, require the best preparation.

We help you to rationalize, finance and secure your internationalization strategic plan:

  • Strategy consulting to optimize the implementation of your Brand ;
  • Obtaining cash advance ;
  • Obtaining insurance to guarantee your export activities.

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