Consulting Solutions for Blue Chip Company

You are resolutely committed to the Digital Transformation of your organization and your goal is to bring innovations that make a difference.

Reinventing the uses of your sector to conquer new markets, secure your innovative projects, while federating the components of the company in a participative dynamic, here are your upcoming challenges we propose to meet with you!


Disruption Advisory:

Our approach :

1 – Constitution of a board of advisors, referent on your activities.

2 – Strategic and prospective analysis of your market.

3 – In collaboration with your teams, in agile mode, creating a concept and its business plan to reinvent the uses of your sector and catalyze your results, while respecting your Group Strategy.

4 – Identification of internal Talents likely to lead the project / Recruitment of the most sparkling external talents.

5 – Accompaniment in the implementation: from funding to success.

Depending on your expectations, we can intervene on all or part of these steps, to help you solve a specific structural problem and / or to develop new growth drivers.


Preventive Risk Management Consulting : The 360 Crash Test

By 2015, 71% of IT projects were in difficulty or in failure according to the CHAOS Report of the Standish Group.

According to its studies, more than 80% of projects extra costs come from a bad expression of needs.

To solve this structural problem, we have developed a preventive audit methodology, the 360 Crash Test, enabling, in agile mode, to validate needs, engaged resources, disrutpive potential and ROI, in a 360 ° strategic vision of the company and its market.

Led by a multidisciplinary team of Experts, the audit results in :
• a global picture of innovative project’s risks depending on its strategic components scoring,
• an analytical restitution of our work,
• validation or recommendations built in collaboration with the client’s internal teams.


Transition Management Consulting:

The replacement / recruitment of a member of your steering committee is a decisive step that requires careful selection.

We are committed to helping you in this delicate period, by providing a recognized Expert to ensure the transition in the best conditions.

Our missions are based on specific objectives : Staying the Course, Restructuring or Developing ; that give rise to close monitoring of achievements.

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