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Risk management is inherent in your equity investments in innovative companies. We accompany you, with our proprietary methodology, in the preventive security of your investments.

Preventive Risk Management Consulting for Innovative Projects:  The 360 Crash Test

By 2015, 71% of IT projects were in difficulty or in failure according to the CHAOS Report of the Standish Group.

According to its studies, more than 80% of projects extra costs come from a bad expression of needs.

To solve this structural problem, we have developed a preventive audit methodology, the 360 Crash Test, enabling, in agile mode, to validate needs, engaged resources, disrutpive potential and ROI, in a 360 ° strategic vision of the company and its market.

The audit, conducted by a multidisciplinary team of sector experts, results in :
• a global picture of the innovative project’s risks depending on its strategic components scoring,
• an analytical restitution of our work,
• no go, validation and / or recommendations built in collaboration with the company’s internal teams,
• and according to your needs, a mentoring of the management team until the fund exit.

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