Consulting Solutions for Start-Up

Whether you are in Seed, Pivotage or Acceleration, the two nerves of war remain the success of your next fundraising and the ability to make your project profitable.

Most of the failures reside in poor project preparation :
• validation of the real needs of the market, its economic potential, and its ability to adhere to the project,
• Creation of a credible team and roadmap,
• Definition of a solid Business Plan that offers the best legibility / visibility to your potential financial partners,
• ability to meet objectives and deliver positive signals to the market.

To maximize your chances of success, we propose you to benefit at the same time of :
• the methodology we have developed to secure innovative projects, the 360 Crash Test, enabling, in agile mode, to validate needs, engaged resources, disrutpive potential and ROI, in a 360 ° strategic vision of the company and its market
• a team of renowned Mentors who accompany you, in your joys as well as in your difficulties, to empower your growth.

Our approach :

1 – We constitute for you a board of advisors, referent in your sector.

2 – Your team of mentors gets involved into your business: strategic analysis and prospective of your market, crash tests of your concept, your team, your business plan / results, and your orientations.

3 – Recommendations, validations and support in implementation, benefiting from their experience as well as their networks, to give all chances of success to your fundraising, pivoting or acceleration.

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